“ Until the last man survives, no one is orphan in this world. “

Reality on the streets

The reality on the streets is terribly harsh. People are abandoned by their families and society and there is no one to look after them. They are malnourished and on the threshold of death but there is no one to heed to their call. They are left alone, uncared and homeless. Many of them suffer from HIV, tuberculosis, cancers, liver and kidney diseases, besides being mentally and physically challenged. They lie in unhygienic conditions- hungry, thirsty and naked, soaked in their urine and faeces, with their faces and bodies sore with mosquito bites and their hair all entangled and full of lice.

Rescue Operations and Rescue Team

Our team comprises of the brave –hearted and the loving. We serve to relocate the poor and destitute from the streets and bring them into a house of healing and compassion. In other words, we use God’s flashlight in our hearts to find and pick up our loved ones from the miserable environment where they’re left uncared and abandoned to take them to a place where they can live with dignity like members of a loving family and not like street animals.

At the start of the day, Raja and his team scout for the distressed and destitute, in immediate need and bring them into the home. Over time, we’ve found friends in society to help us with our mission- The city Police, 108 Ambulance services, RVM and even beggar colonies send people to our home.

Over a span of two decades, God’s love has helped us rescue more than 19,000 people from the streets of Bangalore and some 9,000 people have died with dignity and in peace. Many have been restored to great health and have reunited with their families while others who stayed back for reasons of their own, are witnesses to God’s love and one man’s untiring service to His people!

Giving Comfort to street people in Dying stages and providing love and care until death.

Our Clean India Initiative- Real Swachh Bharat Mission

One such initiative is the mission of “Real Swachh Bharat” taken by us. Generally, people think that Swachh Bharat is just picking papers and wrappers, cleaning and sweeping and putting the garbage in the dust bin but nobody thinks that it has one more aspect to it that is Raja’s thought of having our city clean, green and beggar less. Further, when these people recover from bad health and rehabilitate enough, we utilize them for our mission and turn them into resources. They are trained to sweep roads and streets and our premises and dispose of garbage – for our dream of having ‘Real Swachh Bharat’. 

Our aim is to come up with more homes in major cities and serve our country by having beggar less places, shelter for the destitute and those who are waste – facing rejection from family and society, solace for the poor and needy and turn them resourceful and healthy, a place of respect for human beings who are lying on the roads just like any garbage.

Kind of People Rescued

The people rescued are poor, helpless and in worst conditions lying on the streets just like garbage. Diseases afflict them – Leprosy, blindness, deaf and dumb, kidney and liver ailments, cancers and tumors and moreover mentally challenged and depressed and rejected from family and society.


All the residents are treated with care. Raja and his team make every effort to make the life of the residents comfortable and memorable. Raja has two full time staffs and volunteers, to look after the destitute. Some of them are violent and dangerous, especially when they are first rescued. They hurl at you, but patience brings them around, says Raja. Misguided fortitude often makes them run back to the streets, as they are unable to come in terms with their own helplessness. But Raja takes time to counsel them.


Birthdays of the residents are decided by the members itself and they are celebrated with a lot of gratitude. Other occasions are also celebrated in the home.


We also impart skills to the destitute like tailoring, pottery and engineering work, welding etc., plant nursery for their rehabilitation and engagement.