You would have only heard of rebirth but we are living it. The only difference is that we call it born again if only you could read faces you will known what we feel. We bet we are happier than before.Our smile says it all . . .


She was mentally imbalanced. She was not able to open her eyes and her head was full of lice and nits. Apparently, some street boys had mauled and sexually abused her. Some people rescued her from the boys. Knowing about the Home of Hope they called Auto Raja and he brought her here. Her transformation is incredible; one who could not speak is now has no problem in conversing with others.


She is from Maharashtra but we do not know about her family details. She was on road for some time on the streets of Bangalore when the Police brought her here. She was weak and bony and on the verge of death when she came here, but she has now transformed wonderfully and helping us as a volunteer.


Details to be Furnished soon.,


Details to be Furnished soon.,


She came for work from Bihar to Bangalore. She has a 10 year old son. We are unable to trace her family details. Her hair was full entangled and she was staying in unhygienic conditions on the road before she came here. With us she has transformed wonderfully, helping as a volunteer and her son too is having his basic right to education as he attends school with other children.


Details to be Furnished soon.,