“ Until the Last Man Survives, there is no one orphan in this World”

  1. We rescue the poor, needy and dying destitute from the streets from in and around Bangalore City.
  2. To enrich their lives with hope and purpose.
  3. To provide them shelter,care, medication and skill development
  4. To impart education for our resident children of our home
  5. To empower such individuals with vocational training so as to enable them to become self supporting and self reliant
  6. To improve basic amenities offered to the residents so that they would lead a fulfilled, noble life and death.
  7. To provide them hygeinic and healthy food, purified and clean RO drinking water, good healthcare, and also fulfill their last wish before death.
  8. To open ‘Home of Hope’ Centre in each and every state of our Country. To transform the nation with greater and stronger values of service towards the underprivileged.