How can you be a part of the organization? Are you alarmed by the stories you have just read? Well, they are true! Here is your opportunity to help one destitute from the streets of Bangalore. So partner with us to give wings to NAMI’s Vision. The following ways are some means by which you can be an active support to our organization.


You could contribute financially towards the expense of NAMI on a yearly or a monthly basis. Please make cheques payable to the New Ark Mission of India. We provide income tax exemption receipt.

Organizing Fundraising events

Here’s a wonderful opportunity for those of you who are creative and excel in planning events. Your contribution is valued. You could volunteer with us to organize fund raising events and programs through out the city, all year long. This will create awareness among the people about the work that the New Ark Mission of India is engaged in.


For those of you who have contacts through out the country and abroad, you can be a great help to NAMI by sharing about the work of NAMI to your family, friends and associates worldwide. This again is a means of creating awareness among people.

Having our donations boxes in you shops, companies etc

Donation boxes are available for distribution at the NAMI office. Those who are interested to keep a box in your company may request for one immediately.

Medical Teams

Several of our residents have medical issues. We could always use teams of people that can provide care in the following areas.

  • Medical checkups and prescribe medicines for the sick or malnourished
  • We can purchase the medicines ourselves
  • Therapy for the paralyzed, aged or handicapped
  • Wound cleanup, bandage and care suggestions for faster healing


We could certainly use individuals or teams that can impart some kind of vocational training to our residents. There are several that can benefit from learning some trade that they can use to make a living and gain some independence. Perhaps they can be taught how to make small handicraft items that can be sold and the income used to fund the ongoing work at Home of Hope. If any of you owns a small scale industry that can outsource some light manual labour, we can consider taking on these kinds of projects.


We could use individuals with medical background that can provide training or demonstrations on basic Hygiene and Sanitation and talk about the health benefits that can result from this. Given that our current strength (170 residents) is about twice what our facility is built for, this sort of Training will yield immediate results.