Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to reach out to more and more people those who are in distress and those who need help. We want to expand our support base and serve the poor and needy with love and dedication. When we serve such people, we see God and that is what Mother Teresa told as she is our role model. T.Raja is a great believer of Jesus Christ and does his best in serving the destitute. Apart from providing the basic necessities of life- we want to work for the good health and rehabilitation of the sick. For this, we want help and support from all and even the govt.

  1. To rescue the destitute and the dying people from the streets.
  2. To enrich their lives with hope and purpose.
  3. To provide them shelter, care and medication.  
  4. To impart education for children rescued from the streets.
  5. To empower such individuals with vocational training so as to enable them to become self-supporting and self reliant.
  6. To improve basic amenities offered to the residents so that they would lead a fulfilled, noble life and death. 
  7. To catalyze overall development of the homeless people, NAMI hopes to collaborate with mainstream institutions (both corporate and not-for-profit organizations) that are willing to provide support through finance, medical care, education and volunteers to help support the mission and vision of the organization.
  8. To open the ‘Home of Hope’ Centre in each and every state across the country.
  9. To transform the nation with greater and stronger values of service towards the underprivileged.