Amidst the storm sails the steady boat Anchored by divine grace Directed towards freedom Taking people to the shore of hope

Bringing people from the streets into their new Home of Hope

Raja and his team start the day in their vehicles, an ‘autorikshaw’ and an ‘ambulance’ (Rescue Chariots) and bring ailing people from the streets. The local people in the area also inform Raja about those in distress and who need help immediately. The Police Department of Bangalore and the Hoysala Police patrol squads work closely with the organisation by identifying and bringing destitute people from the streets to the Home of Hope. Every month at least 10-15 people are rescued and brought to the home.

Kind of people rescued

The people rescued often suffer from acute illnesses such as AIDS, Cancer and Kidney failures. Others are very old and weak while some are mentally and physically challenged. Most of these people are in their last stage of life.

How they are treated

All the residents are treated with care. Raja and his team make every effort to make the life of the residents comfortable and memorable. Raja has two full time helpers, Mani Meghalay and her husband Madan who cook, do all the cleaning and maintenance work.“Some of them are violent and dangerous, especially when they are first rescued. They hurl at you, but patience brings them around,” says Raja. Misguided fortitude often makes them run back to the streets, as they are unable to come in terms with their own helplessness. But Raja takes time to counsel them


Birthdays of the residents are decided by the members itself and they are celebrated with a lot of gratitude. Other occasions are also celebrated in the home.

Last wishes

One of the remarkable services offered here is that every effort is made to fulfill the last wish of a dying person. Some residents, in their final moments of life have desired to eat an apple; an egg or some sweets. Some have asked for a good meal while others pray and peacefully leave the world. Raja considers it his priviledge to be able to care for these people in their final moments. Many residents of the home die in Raja’s arms.

Deaths in the campus

In the past 9 years, 175 people have died in the campus. Every month minimum of 5 -10 people die in the campus. Every month more than 10-15 people are rescued and brought to Home of Hope. Cremation, the bodies are burnt outside in a government crematorium.