Amidst the storm sails the steady boat Anchored by divine grace Directed towards freedom Taking people to the shore of hope


The work of God is carried out at Home of Hope through the generosity of people like you. Here below, we have listed some of our immediate needs and ongoing needs. We will keep this list updated on a monthly basis as things change. We are grateful for whatever helpyou can provide towards helping us in the cause of the poor and forgotten.

Needs list - These have been classified into immediate needs (one time) and ongoing needs (continuous)

Immediate (one time) 

  1. Stainless steel bunk cots - 200 No's
  2. Mattresses water proof for long time usage wear and and tear of other kinds by the unavoidable usage of patients - 400 No's 
  3. Solar heaters 1000 liters - 1 Nos
  4. Solar street lamps 18 watts - 20 No's
  5. Bread-baking oven machine - 1 No's
  6. A large ambulance , because our present ambulance is too small for increasingly larger intakes of inimates espically from highways - 1 No's
  7. Water purifier - 2 No's
  8. Uniform ( like hospital gown ) for men's & women's  - 800 No's
  9. Stainless steel dining table for childrens - 100 Nos
  10. Sturdy moulded plastic chairs - 600 No's
  11. Dead body freezer box - 2 No's
  12. Footware for our residence - 600 No's
  13. Single disc - 2 No's
  14. Scrubbing Machine - 2 No's
  15. computers for educating children and for office use -  - 5 No's
  16. 50 inches LED/PLASMA TV - 2 Nos
  17. Help for setting up similar homes in Mumbai, Andhra and Chennai 
  18. Building Fund (Towards building a larger facility when we acquire a bigger plot of land)

Ongoing Needs (continuous)

  1. Regular Donors - People that can commit to giving a set amount every month. This will greatly help us wth planning our finances.
  2. Vegetables
  3. Grains

  4. Medicines
  5. Committed volunteers that can work with our sick residents
  6. Donors that will sponsor residents at a cost of Rs. 500/month. Please note this cost only applies to healthy residents. The costs incurred with our sick or elderly residents is much higher.
  7. Diesel Generator for backup power (the reliability of our power supply is very poor)
  8. General and psychiatric medicines